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Quick Warm Up for Olympic Lifting

Warming up is a critical part of working out. I generally start off with some foam rolling to attend any sore or tight areas, then move on to some dynamic mobility work to get my […]

Healthy Breakfast – How to Burn Fat and Have Energy All Morning

Since I get a lot of questions about exactly what you should eat for breakfast, I decided I’d make y’all a short vid showing you EXACTLY how to do it.

It ain’t rocker surgery, and doesn’t […]

Super Smoothies

Super Smoothies are great for when you’re in a time crunch, just want something quick and easy, or for post workout recovery. These nutrient dense smoothies are superior to the store bought, fast food varieties […]

Top Exercises for Developing a Stronger, Leaner, More Powerful Body


Been to the gym lately? I don’t know what happened or when it happened, but I am astounded by the number of pieces of equipment, toys, and other accouterments lying about. If you’re the average […]

How to Figure Out Your Portion Size



I get a lot of questions about how much someone should be eating. I always give the same answer: “It depends”. Which is not a very satisfying answer for most people. Everyone just wants a […]